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Crafted to match the aspiration of advancing violinists.
As advancing students aspire to pursue their endeavor in an academic arena, they need a violin that combines agility, accuracy, good projection, and a certain amount of “complexity”. Bourrée is carefully crafted to include these key attributes to match the player’s aspiration.
Instruments in the Bourrée series are made in workshop environment, supervised by senior luthiers. Only select tone woods are used to make these instruments. During the process of making, makers perform specific calibration to optimize the tonal qualities of each instrument. At the end, an experienced fitting specialists set up the instrument most appropriately to enhance its and expressions of each instrument.
Characterized to fit individual preference.
Intermediate violinists begin to develop their own preferences in play style. Thus, they require their violins to also exhibit characteristics that are compatible with the player’s style. Cannzona offers that compatibility.
GCV’s exceptional instrument set-up enables Cannzona to easily handle the more challenging playing techniques that intermediate violinists are expected to learn, such as musical expression and off-string bowing, etc.
Discover the enchanting secret of Cremonese varnish.
Violin varnish from the seventeen-century Cremona, Italy has been one of the most desired appearances that violin makers try to create for their instruments. After years of research and development, luthiers at GCV have discovered the varnishing recipe to reproduce the legacy’s most distinguished look and feel.
Débutte – Ideal instrument for beginning a violinist’s journey

Débutte possesses an ease of play, balanced response, pleasing tone and dynamic contrasts of volume, all of which are key attributes for being an ideal beginner violin.   With Débutte, beginning violinists are able to effectively capture the fundamental techniques of violin playing and are more likely to succeed in their future.

Débutte’s key attributes are a result of its highly precise measures in its making, the angle of the bridge, height of the finger board, nut clearance, and neck diameter, etc.   Moreover, our skilled workers carefully set-up each instrument to bring out the best possible tone and playability.

Superior instruments selected by musicians for musicians.
Instruments in the Fanfani series are crafted for advancing violinists and professionals who primarily play in performance and audition settings. Fan T., First Violin from the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra, leads a group of musicians to test play these instruments to ensure that they possess professional quality of sound and playability. All instruments in this category are crafted by GCV’s top luthiers who have over 10 years of experiences. They handcrafted each Fanfani instrument from start to completion individually in their workshops using only top graded Italian spruce and Bosnian maple. Each instrument displays superior craftsmanship, unusually refined fitting and top-notch set-up.
Cremonese Replicated Violin Series
Cremonese violins, from the 17th and 18th centuries, made by Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri Del Gesu in Northern Italy, only survive in a small numbers and each of which is worth millions of Euros. With their superb appearance, resplendent oil varnish, sweet yet penetrative tone, Cremonese stringed instruments have become the most desired masterpieces of numerous soloists and orchestral musicians. Starting from the 19th century, Cremonese stringed instruments were reproduced by French, German, and American luthiers, each valued at hundreds of thousands of Euros. Eight years ago, our company started to emulate Cremonese stringed instruments skillfully according to the Cremonese models, acquiring recognition and achievement in the market. With the well-chosen original grained wood, the authentic crafting style of the curved appearance, the revived antiqued varnish, the traces left on the varnish, and the dulcet sound, the tonal characters of the instruments made by the classic masters reappear. The Cremonese Replicated Violin Series is built with unique characteristics, making them more playable, appreciable and valuable.
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