Quality Management

1.Quality Control System
We have 22 staff in charge of quality control, comprising about 8.5% of our company. We enforce the standards of Quality Management System (ISO9001-2000) thoroughly. Each component and each procedure is checked by our individual makers, peers and quality control staff. Each violin is recorded with a quality control form, the record of makers, the sizes of the different parts of the violin, the weather information and results of inspections.
2.Production Environment
The molding venue of Guangzhou Cremona Violin Co. Ltd. is superior. All products or semi-finished products are kept in a warehouse with dehumidifiers, under the 24-hour temperature control of the air-conditioner. Before the end of production, all violins are kept at least thirty days in the sealed warehouse, reducing the possibility of impaired violins owing to climate change.
3.Technical Support
Our products are best sellers in about twenty countries, they are sold through well-known companies in the field who have extremely high requirements for our products. Consequently, in the past twenty years, we have sent out most prominent violin specialists for technical support and regular quality inspections. These experts, who graduated from the famous violin making schools in Italy and Germany, have abundant knowledge and experience in the making of violins and production management. Meanwhile, we also employ foreign experts for constant technical support and who can provide our staff with professional training abroad.
4.Stock of Wood
The wood that is the most suitable for producing violins grows in high altitude and barren conditions. Therefore, our staff is sent on field trips to Germany, Italy, Northern and southwestern China to purchase superior wood for violins. All materials are selected piece by piece by hand to avoid any imperfections in the wood, no matter how small it is. Wood in our warehouse is labeled with the year of purchase, the logging year, region and climate. According to present production amounts, our company has a stock of hundreds of thousands of quality wood for different string instruments, making seasoned over four years.